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Person looking up at Cloud Peak in Wyoming

(This post was originally published on's Runaway Blog April 13, 2013)

Person looking up at Cloud Peak in Wyoming

(image: My friend Paul, as we began our trek up Cloud Peak in Wyoming)

I'm naming the new place "Base Camp."

Every place I've ever lived has had a name. A name goes beyond an address and begins to tell a story. Elvis must have known this and called his place Graceland. I live in the Treefort now, a throwback to the days I spent as a kid building forts in the woods in my hometown of Hazen. And I often visit "Kokomo," my brother and sister-in-law's townhouse in Minot.

Since moving Mighty Missouri Coffee Company into its brick-and-mortar home, I knew it would have a name. I just figured it might take a few coats of paint and a few more experiences to come up with one. 

Why "Base Camp?"

Since Mighty Mo even crossed my mind, I knew that whatever this thing might become, it might also be able to help people. I mean, before Mighty Missouri Coffee Company, LLC was anything at all, "giving" was going to be an integral part of the business model.

There is a unique problem in the world that each of us is individually more keenly attuned to; a mountain of sorts. Mighty Missouri Coffee Co.'s new setting serves as a base camp for a big mountain, I think.

I have some really cool ideas as to how this might happen, but before I mention them here, I'd like to hear what you think. What are some good organizations that are changing the world? How might Mighty Mo be able to work with them? Mention it in the comments or send me an email:

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