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Wolftree Publication on Brian Jackson, starting a coffee roasting business in North Dakota

(This was originally published on's Runaway Blog May 30, 2013. I still miss Wolftree's publication!)

Wolftree is a quarterly publication that celebrates the passion of people throughout the Midwest. 

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of spending time with the creators of Wolftree, a new, high quality, artistic magazine that highlights the stories of people in the Midwest. I am so thrilled about what these guys are doing -- please check them out at In their first issue, Mighty Missouri Coffee Co. was featured and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Six pages of beautiful images and a super nice article on the beginnings of this little coffee company (thanks)! It was a fantastic time with the folks at Wolftree, cupping some coffee, and chatting about the opportunities that lie ahead for both of our little Midwest ventures. 

It is a little difficult to tout and describe a business in such infancy as Mighty Mo, but the story that is being created in this period of development is really something else. With all the delays, there has been an opportunity to fine tune many of the details about the coffee... the packaging, the equipment, and the sourcing.

We are working very hard to find high quality, responsible sources for our coffee. Some of the stories about the farms these beans are coming from are incredible... and we can't wait to share them with you. Coffee changes lives! 

Thank you all for your continued interest and your continued patience. Good things take time, and we are working hard to make Mighty Missouri Coffee Company a very good thing!


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