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Positive Behavioral Supports Fundraiser

A percentage of all coffee sold supports Tina-Avalon Positive Behavioral Supports when you enter the code "TAPBS" at checkout.

Tina-Avalon is excited about our program, Positive Behavioral Supports, which is also known at our school as PBS. We are in our fourth year of the PBS program at Tina-Avalon. PBS is a proactive approach to establishing the support needed for all students in school to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. Our key focus areas at Tina-Avalon are: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, & Be Kind. We use data to better determine needs of students and team meetings to support students and staff.

We are looking for help from local community and surrounding area businesses to support our students and our program at Tina-Avalon. Acknowledging both students and staff for their dedication to the program will help ensure the success of PBS in our school. It will also help support positive behaviors in our community. We are asking for donations for our program in order to purchase materials needed.

Each quarter students who have met PBS expectations are rewarded with an incentive. Some examples of incentives are cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, popsicles, and trail mix. Elementary students (K-6) have the opportunity to “buy” items in our Dragon Dollar store. The store contains a multitude of items. Students earn Dragon Dollars by meeting or exceeding our behavior expectations. Junior high and high school students earn raffle tickets to be entered in a prize drawing when they follow or exceed expectations. Winning raffle tickets are pulled at mid-term and end of quarter. Winners receive a soda and some type of snack item.